August 27 2014, 3pm


It’s for Kids” is a reason why cartoons don’t have buckets loads of blood, decapitation, immolation, nudity, sex, swearing, or any of those adult matters. However I think the lack of those can make an animated series more mature because they can’t fall back on any of those “mature” items in an immature way. Swearing, hacking off limbs, and boobs, are an easy way to a mature rating. Having mature themes and stories are a way to get a mature show.

“It’s for Kids” is not a reason for a bad cartoon. Bad writing, direction, animation, voice acting, etc, are the reasons for a bad show. No one is expecting Game of Thrones or Dexter from a cartoon, but if you strip away the blood, nudity, and other things you can’t show on a kid’s network, you get mature stories. That is something you can show on a kid’s network and most of the highly praised cartoons are the ones that don’t say, “It’s for Kids.” They try to tell good stories and do not underestimate their audience.

If you give up and box yourself into a self-made limitation then you’re not going anywhere.


   — “It’s for Kids” Is Not An Excuse! - The Reaf Debrief (via draqua)


August 27 2014, 3am

It’s More Professional That Way


Random Secret Trio gift for thickerthanectoplasm because reasons. 

"Hey guys, wait!" Randy piped up. Spuds and Tucker looked up from whatever they were doing on the laptop, and Trixie paused in the middle of helping Sam into one of the newer Fenton battle-suits. Rose ignored him and kept sharpening her sword.

"Before we go out and do the big hero thing, shouldn’t we come up with codenames for our radios?" Randy suggested. "Y’know, to make it more professional?"

"Hell yeah, codenames!" Dani hovered excitedly like a hummingbird. "I wanna be…’Rainbow Gambit’! Wait…no. Oh, ‘Chasing Squirrels’! Does ‘Chasing Squirrels’ count as a legit codename?"

"No," Danny said flatly. "Team Leader picks the codenames, otherwise it’ll take forever to decide."

"Hold up!" Jake stood up and confronted him. The height difference forced him to crane his neck a little to meet green glow of Danny’s eyes. "Who decided that you were team leader?”

"Cause I’m older. Plus, I’ve got a cool jumpsuit with a custom logo. Do you have one? No, you go into battle naked. All red and scaly and naked, your argument is invalid."

"It is a pretty sweet suit,” Trixie pointed out. Jake crossed and arms and sat back down, grumbling.

"Right, so my codename will be: ‘Eagle One,‘“Danny pointed across the room. "Val, your codename is ‘Been There, Done That.’"

"Sometimes I miss the good old days when I tried to kill you on a daily basis," Valerie said. Danielle snickered. 

He ignored her. “Sam is ‘Currently Doing That’.”

She grinned and high-fived him.

"Tuck, you’re ‘If I Had To Pick A Dude.’"

"Damn straight."

"Jake is ‘It Happened Once In A Dream.’"

"Aw, you do think of me.”

"Scary Ninja Huntsgirl," Danny nodded at Rose. "Shall be ‘Don’t Know If That Decapitation Thing Was Flirting.’"

"It was one time and I said I was sorry."

"Danielle is ‘I’d Be Pretty Cute As A Girl,’" To which she pumped her fist with victory. "And lastly, Spuds and Trix will jointly be: ‘Eagle Two.’"

"Oh thank God," they said in unison.

"I’m kinda afraid to ask now," Randy said uncertainly. "…but what’s my codename?"

Everyone in the room exchanged looks, then turned to Randy and grinned in unison.

* * * *

“‘It Happened Once In A Dream,’ Currently Doing That’ needs a little fire support, can you give her a hand?”

"You got it, Eagle One."

"Yo, this is ‘If I Had To Pick A Dude,’ can I get some backup over here?"

"Hey, ‘That One Time I Watched Sailor Moon,’ can you give him a hand?"

"…I hate you guys codenames are stupid."

August 26 2014, 5pm


leorio punching ging and SCREAMING at him for being such a bad father to gon and not even visiting him after he almost fucking DIED is such a defining moment for leorio’s character and reinforces the fact that leorio’s pretty much gon’s adopted father even tho leorio’s not even 10 years older than him